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The WARN Epic Sidewinder and Hyperlink


The WARN Epic Sidewinder and Epic Hyperlink are part of our new Direct Connect Secure Rigging System. These products make rigging faster, easier, and require fewer pieces of recovery gear.


The inventive Sidewinder replaces a winch hook and the need for a shackle to provide a faster, easier, more direct link to recovery points and rigging accessories. It will quickly attach to most bumper recovery points, D-ring shackles, recovery straps, rope extensions, and soft shackles allowing for faster, easier rigging.

To use, simply unscrew the pin and insert a rigging accessory, such as a strap or a rope extension—or attach to a bumper recovery point. Screw the pin back in and begin winching.


Sidewinder’s body is made from ultra-durable forged 6061-T6 billet aluminum with a forged steel screw pin. It can be used with 18,000 lb. capacity winches and under and has a minimum 64,000 lb. ultimate breaking strength for the heaviest, most difficult pulls.

When not in use, Sidewinder nests neatly against a fairlead for a sleek look with minimal bumper protrusion. A polyurethane isolator, available in black or red, is sold separately and protects the pin from debris and provides a clean appearance. Sidewinder’s shape compliments any vehicle and is available in three finishes: polished, black, or gunmetal. The black and gunmetal versions wear a type III hard-anodized finish for years of good looks.


This unique, multi-purpose dual-pin shackle allows for direct attachment to bumper recovery points and recovery accessories for fast, easy rigging. The Hyperlink’s dual screw pin design can be used with most hooks, straps, snatchblocks, rope extensions, shackle mount links, D-ring shackles, and soft shackles.


To use, simply unscrew the lower screw pin and insert your strap, rope extension, or use for a an anchor point on a double-line pull. Reattach the pin, and you’re ready to pull.

Like the Sidwinder, Hyperlink’s body is also made from ultra-durable forged 6061-T6 billet aluminum and has two forged steel screw pins. Hyperlink is also available in either a polished finish, or black or gunmetal with the latter finishes being type III hard-anodized. There’s also an optional black or red polyurethane isolator (sold separately) designed to protect the bumper’s finish by preventing direct contact with Hyperlink. Additionally, it helps to prevent debris from damaging the pin shaft. Hyperlink has a 36,000 lb. working load limit and a 72,000 lb. minimum ultimate breaking strength.




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