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WARN Ultimate Adventure LJ: Part 3


Project Ultimate Adventure LJ is coming along! Our crew has been burning the midnight oil on this Jeep, but it’s coming along well! Have a look at some of the progress.

Since our last write-up, we’ve accomplished quite a bit:


The Ultimate Dana 60 axles are hung with Barnes 4wd truss and brackets. To make the JK front housing work on our LJ, all we had to do is swap the spring buckets (passenger to driverside) and vice versa.  The rear took a complete grind-down and new spring buckets from Barnes 4WD. Additionally, the Barnes flat belly skid plate and shock towers are installed, and Skyjacker JL springs were used front and rear. Also installed: our Raceline wheels powdercoated an awesome shade of gold, and shod with 39″ BFGoodrich tires.

A few other goodies:


The PSC steering has been started.


The Atlas is also going in. In addition, the roll cage has been started, which was a custom fab job by Chris Durham Motorsports.


As you can see, the custom front end is being mocked up. The TJ/CJ hood mold is complete and should pull shortly. We’ve also put in a Currie Antirock swaybar and their 1″ motor mount lift.


How about that retro tailgate conversion? This came from Omix ADA, as did the grille.


Some of the goods from Barnes 4WD: This includes a full TJ bracket kit, outboard shock mounts, rear truss kit, and a flat belly skid plate (before installation, obviously).


Goods from Currie Enterprises also came in. This includes an AntiRock sway bar, the 1″ motor mount lift, and new Johnny joints.


Those Ultimate Dana 60 axles are going to make for a WIDE stance!


And here we are today, all flexy and stuff! More to come; stay tuned!

Our partners on the build include:

Advanced Adaptors
Barnes 4WD
Chris Durham Motorsports
Currie Enterprises
Daystar Products
Raceline Wheels
Rugged Radios


4 thoughts on “WARN Ultimate Adventure LJ: Part 3 Leave a comment

  1. Good job guys. Keep up good work on those warn hubs i wise tjey still used. Some strong. Reliabe hubs. Even in – 50
    Turn like clock. The hubs them selfs where alan keyed up and oout very nice job guys u deserved all the grettit out there. Nothing in world come pares tp a warn winth huds and all the fixings. Been with u guys since 69. Keep up stradized wook planes and we all keep pulling for ya….


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