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WARN Ultimate Adventure LJ: Part 2


Our crew is making headway with the Ultimate Adventure LJ, and we’ve begun the CJ conversion that we mentioned in our first post.

The body lift is off and the rig is on the hoist. It’ll remain there until it’s driving on some new hardware. Speaking of …


The frame is now straight and we can begin adding parts. Here, the team a Chris Durham Motorsports is fitting up the CJ-style hood for our TJ Unlimited (aka an LJ).


Our friends at Rugged Radios sent over some comms for the upcoming event, too.


And then there’s this. What’s in the box? Well, this is actually box 1 of 2, and in them are Ultimate Dana 60 axles that’ll be rebracketed to fit the LJ. These include 5.38 gears, Eaton E-lockers, and WARN 35 spline hubs. Talk about a heck of an axle setup!


We’ve got a lot to do, but we’ll keep the updates coming!



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