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Giving Much

When you have a winch, you have a tool to help people out of a situation. Whether it’s on a treacherous trail or simply on the side of the road, a winch can provide much needed help to a mired motorist. Mylo Fowler put together a video that exemplifies this ability to give help.

If you have a WARN winch, you’ve probably helped out your fair share of people. Maybe it was pulling a 4×4 out of the mud, rescuing a van from a snowbank, or pulling a car out of the sand on the side of a desert road. We can all use a little help from time to time. We can all give a little help, too. Having a winch gives you the opportunity to do some good. Mylo titled his video “Giving Much.”

Have you helped anyone out lately? If so share your story in the comments.






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