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WARN Winch Tug of War: Wrangler vs. Defender

OK, so it might not be exactly what you expect, but it’s still a fun video! The guys over at TFL Car installed an RC4WD 9.5cti WARN winch on their Traxxas TRX-4 and event do a tug of war against the ZEON Platinum on their Wrangler. Who wins?

The Traxxas TRX-4 looks like a ton of fun with its lockers, flexy suspension, and great Land Rover Defender body. And just like a real Defender (and any other truck or SUV), the addition of a WARN winch makes it that much more capable. And yes, the RC4WD winches are fully licensed by us at Warn Industries. If you haven’t seen one of their little winches in person, they’re pretty awesome.

And if you’re interested in equipping your full-scale rig with a WARN 9.5cti (or any other winch), is the place to go.

Full-size WARN 9.5cti winch.

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