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Throwback Thursday: The WARN 800G Gasoline Winch

WARN Gasoline Winch

Did you know that in the 1960s–1970s, Warn offered a gasoline-powered capstan-style winch? No, it didn’t go on your truck, but it could be brought with you anywhere.

Facebook user, Jonathan Sandstrom, sent us these pictures of his pristine Warn Model 800G. This 1 hp gas-powered winch had an 800 lb. pulling (and lifting) capacity and could be brought with you everywhere. In fact, it even says “Take Me Along” on the box, which also might be a dig at the old-fashioned come-a-long pulling tools. Note the integrated  galvanized chain with quick-release for rigging. This old ad from 1969 describes the 800G’s features:


This winch would’ve been good for in-the-field use, such as removing shrubs or small trees, pulling an elk out of the brush, or other pulling or lifting jobs where electricity wasn’t available. Nowadays our WARN PullzAll and Drill Winch will do the jobs the old 800G would’ve done (and the Pullzall has a 1,000 lb. capacity and can lift or pull. Drill Winch is also a lot lighter weight). However, capstan winches do offer different rope functionality.

Thanks to Johnathan for these photos; he’s got a great time capsule!

WARN Gasoline Winch labelWARN Gasoline Winch BoxWARN Gasoline WinchWARN Gasoline Winch in pristine shape.



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