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Event: Gambler 500

17362509_1324354840953666_9134895583607791542_nThe Gambler 500 is one of these events that people are talking about. Bring a crazy vehicle, drive it through the woods, and have fun. That’s it. We’re excited to say we’re a part of it.

It’s really that simple. “Gamblers” will show up at Portland Meadows racetrack early on Saturday morning (7/15) and make their way to Hoodoo ski area for the night, then head back. There will be a lot of dirt trails, maybe some off-roading. We’re not really sure, and that’s part of the mystique. We know some cars will make it, some won’t. Luckily, we’ll be doing some recovery, so we just might pull you out of a ditch.

It’s not a race. It’s not a competition. It’s driving cool, quirky cars through the woods. Think 24 Hours of LeMons meets the backwoods with a party in the middle ($40 cover charge) and at the end (free for Gamblers, but $10 for others), but there’s no actual competition. It’s just to have a good time. Consider it an overland adventure rally or a navigation event. All vehicles must be street legal, registered, etc., but all cars/trucks are welcome. Remember, this isn’t a race, so speed limits need to be obeyed—as do all traffic rules—and you need to stay the trail and tread lightly. In fact, all of the info, rules, etc. can be found on the Gambler 500 Facebook Event page.

The event will wrap up at The Final Waypoint Event where there will be bands, beer, cars, and prizes (again, free to participants, $10 for others).

The Gambler 500 has the potential to be a big deal, and we’re excited to be a part of it. We’ll be giving away a WARN winch, Epic Accessory Kit, and swag. So we hope to see you at the Gambler 500.


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