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Tech Tip Tuesday: Last Layer, Most Power

Double line winching
The more line you pull off the winch drum, the closer you get to the winch’s full capacity.

A winch’s maximum capacity is always rated at the last layer of the rope on the drum. So if you need to get the most power out of your winch, you’ll need to get down closer to that last layer. This can be done in a couple of ways. 

First, you can simply pull out a single line to your anchor, assuming the anchor is far enough away. But if your anchor is close to you and you don’t have the ability to simply pull out lots of line, using a snatch block, such as our Epic Snatch Block (available for both truck and powersports vehicles) can help get more line out, since you’ll double it back to the vehicle, using more line. (You’ll also double your pulling power, but half your line speed.)

No matter how you do it, always remember to leave at least five wraps of wire rope—or a full layer of synthetic rope—on the drum. Otherwise, you run the risk of pulling the line off the winch. 

For more rigging information see the Basic Guide to Winching TechniquesWhether you have a truck or powersports vehicle, the same basic techniques still apply.


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