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Recap: Easter Jeep Safari 2017


Each year, thousands of Jeep enthusiasts descend on Moab, UT for the annual Easter Jeep Safari. The town is transformed into one giant Jeep gathering—and it’s amazing.


Before we ventured to Moab, however, Warn took part in the Jp Magazine Dirt ‘N Drive, which took 100+ Jeeps from Las Vegas to Moab. While it’s usually only about 450 miles on pavement, the Dirt ‘N Drive was 755 miles, with 150+ on dirt and the rest on scenic back roads.

The Jp Magazine Dirt ‘N Drive at Quail Creek Reservoir near Hurricane, UT.

We experienced places like the trail system outside of Logandale, UT; the red sand dunes of Sand Hollow State Park; the areas in and around Zion National Park; and of course, scenic Moab. The whole shebang ended with a BBQ dinner complete with giveaways, including WARN product.

The WARN Brute Double Cab on Behind The Rocks

Once EJS was underway, the WARN crew was on the trails meeting enthusiasts, talking with customers, and helping with vehicle recovery. Sunday was our media ride on Metal Masher. Monday was our social media photo contest ride in Area BFE. Tuesday was our Friends of WARN ride on Behind the Rocks, and Wednesday was the BFGoodrich event at Area BFE. In fact, one of our employees, Chad, led one of the runs up Pucker Pass. This gnarly trail has a tricky spot way up at the top, and he winched no fewer than 14 rigs through using our WARN ZEON 10-S. And while many a driver flinched, the winch didn’t.

Jessi Combs in the WARN booth at the 2017 Easter Jeep Safari.

Thursday and Friday were vendor days, in which we got to show off our latest products, such as the Epic Accessory Kit and 16.5ti-s, complete with Spydura Synthetic Rope. Jessi Combs was also in our booth meeting people and signing autographs. We answered questions, helped with product information, sold our annual WARN Moab apparel, and ended up raffling off WARN product at the annual raffle on Friday night.

Before we knew it, it was over and we were convoying back to Portland.

Easter Jeep Safari is one of our favorite events, as it’s a great time to put some WARN product to the test, meet WARN fans, and hopefully bring in new people to the WARN family. We look forward to next year!








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