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Event: 2017 King of the Hammers

Shannon Campbell winches up an obstacle at the King of the Hammers race.

It’s that time of year again. Time when a dry lake bed in the middle of the California desert turns into a city of 30,000 avid off-road enthusiasts who show up for one of the most exciting and grueling racing events in the world and create Hammertown. Yes, the King of the Hammers is here.

Jessi Combs during the Every Man Challenge race.

King of the Hammers is an incredible race. The course covers hundreds of miles and includes 100+ mph sprints across the desert and rock crawls that torture-test both driver and vehicle.


The event spans a week and includes qualifying and four separate races. There’s the King of the Motos race, in which the world’s top motorcycle riders battle it out on two wheels. There’s the UTV Race that pits some of the best side x side drivers against each other. Then there’s the Every Man Challenge, which is composed of super-capable 4WD rigs in the Limited classes. Finally, there’s the big dance—the Nitto King of the Hammers race, which features the biggest, baddest rock racing rigs and drivers on the planet.


In addition to racers, the event brings in 30,000+ spectators from all over the world to witness this amazing racing spectacle. If you’re an off roader and a racing enthusiast, KOH should be on your bucket list.

WARN is a proud sponsor of King of the Hammers, and we have a booth at the event every year, and 2017 is no exception. If you’re going to the event, be sure to come by the booth and check out our latest products including the new VR winches, the Epic Accessory Kit, Ascent Bumpers, and the ZEON Platinum.

Free Winching Techniques Class

In addition, this year we’ll be hosting a free winching techniques class near the BFGoodrich Suburb (just outside of Hammertown) on Wednesday, February 8 at 10am. The class is free and there’s no need to sign up—just show up. We’ll be going over techniques to help you get the most out of your WARN winch.

For complete information on the entire King of the Hammers week, visit the Ultra4 racing website.

We hope to see you at Hammertown!


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