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What Are ZEON Relocation Kits?

WARN ZEON Control Pack Relocation Kit

All WARN ZEON and ZEON Platinum winches have a convertible control pack. But what’s that mean? Well, it means you can have the control pack either mounted to the winch for an upright configuration, or your can remove the control pack, relocate it somewhere else, and have a low-profile mounting configuration. But why would you want this feature?

WARN ZEON control box relocation kit (long).

Certain bumpers and mounting have space constraints that require a low-profile winch configuration. And if you’re going to relocate your ZEON/ZEON Platinum control pack, you’re going to need one of our relocation kits. These kits include cables and hardware that allow the winch to operate when the control box is mounted somewhere other than on top of the winch. So which one do you need?

The first question you’ll need to ask is how far away the control pack will be from the winch. We offer two relocation kits—short and long.

The short kit, which is  31″ (78.7cm) long, is ideal for people looking to mount their control box on the top of a bumper, for example. The short kit comes in two varieties: part number 89965 is the short wiring kit without a mounting bracket; 89970 is the short kit with a mounting bracket. The kit is the same whether you have a ZEON or ZEON Platinum. (And just in case you need the control pack mounting bracket itself, that’s part number 89770.)

The long kit is 78″ (198cm) in length, and is ideal for relocating the control box into areas farther away from the winch, such as in the engine bay. Part number 89960 is the long kit for standard ZEON winches. Part number 92193 is the long kit for ZEON Platinum winches. In the video below, we show how to install the long kit on a ZEON Platinum.

For even more mounting options, we also offer a remote socket kit with an L bracket, and that is PN 90394 (see below). This allows you to run a socket for the winch remote from the control pack to another location, such as inside the cab, out the side of the vehicle, or anywhere else you might want it.

WARN remote socket kit with L bracket.

Looking for PDF instructions on how to install the kits? Look no further:

Long Relocation Kit Installation Guide (78″)

Short Relocation Kit Installation Guide (31″)

Relocation Mounting Bracket Installation Instructions


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