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Comparison: WARN VR vs. ZEON


We launched the next-generation of WARN VR winches in early November, 2016  at the SEMA Show and there’s been quite a buzz: Upgraded components. Attractive styling. Approachable price. However, there have been questions about what the differences are between the new VR winches and our popular line of ZEON winches. Well, to address these inquiries we have put together a chart that’ll help you GO PREPARED when it comes time to choose your winch.

Below we are comparing two of the most popular winches in both the VR and ZEON lineups: the VR10-S and the ZEON 10-S. Both pull 10,000 lbs. Both are a mid-frame configuration (e.g. they mount feet down). But there are differences, and we’ve highlighted these below:

VR10-S ZEON 10-S ZEON Benefit
Winch Drum 2.6in (66mm) diameter welded steel drum 3.15in (80mm) diam. Zinc-alloy Drum Dissipates heat and reduces rope/cable wear
Anchoring System Drum flange screw and thimble Patented through-drum technology Holds 10,000 lbs by the anchor, eliminating anchor failure
Motor and Geartrain Armor None Full metal armor Protects vital components from impact and damage
Control Pack Material Plastic Full metal armor Protects electrical system from impact and damage
Wiring Traditional motor terminals Automotive OE-grade bus bar Hides unsightly wires and provides superior connection
Remote Control Traditional remote with toggle swich IP68 Waterproof ergonomic remote with large rocker switch Waterproof and greater user comfort
Synthetic Rope 90ft (27.4m) Standard Duty Rope 100ft (30.5m) Premium Spydura Rope Longer proprietary synthetic rope with 15% greater strength and 50% greater durability
Fairlead Cast ductile iron Cast aluminum Superior surface finish and corrosion resistance
Final Point of Assembly Warn-exclusive Partner in China Warn facility in Oregon, USA Higher % of US-sourced components
No Load Line Speed 25.9 ft/min (7.9 m/min) 33 ft/min (10m/min) 26% faster no-load line speed
Full Load Line Speed 2.3 ft/min (0.7 m/min) 4.8 ft/min (1.5 m/min) More than twice full-load line speed
Rated Load Amp Draw 502A 409A Higher efficiency and 20% less amp draw places less burden on the vehicle electrical system
Corrosion Resistance 204 hr salt spray test 408 hr salt spray test Tougher coating = twice the corrosion-resistance
Ingress Protection Winch is dust tight, weather-resistant, with IP68 waterproof electrical contactor Entire winch unit is rated IP68 waterproof, for submersible operation Fewer points of water/debris entry, superior sealing, and total protection from the elements
Geartrain Durability  ✪ ✪ ✪  ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ Larger, stronger gears designed to repeatedly handle high loads and shock loads
Motor Standard-duty Warn-engineered motor High-performance, high-effiency motor, exclusive to ZEON Stronger pulls with greater efficiency and durability

The VR is the gateway to the WARN brand and delivers WARN quality and reliability at an attractive price. ZEON ups the game with enhanced durability and premium performance.

Hopefully this clarifies some differences between these two winches. Many of these features also pertain to the VR8, ZEON 8, VR12, and ZEON 12 winches. Want to do more research? Check our our entire truck winch lineup and also check out The WARN Difference. Looking for a retailer to purchase WARN products? Here is where to buy.


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  1. Reblogged this on Smokey the Jeep and commented:
    Warn’s second-generation VR series of electric winches captures the look of its big brother, the Zeon. This is a great comparison of both winches’ features, and explains where each model fits in the prolific Warn lineup.


  2. Thank you, very helpful, but in all honesty I read it intently until I read “Warn-exclusive Partner in China”. I’ll stick with Zeon.


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