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The WARN Adventure Challenge

It doesn’t matter what language you speak. Adventure is universal, and this video proves that.

This is the official video for the WARN Adventure, a challenge event held in Morocco October 23–31. The video comes from our Spanish distributor, Implementos, who also organizes the event.

Implementos says the WARN Adventure is a test in the Moroccan  desert where the capabilities of off-road driving, winch handling , teamwork, and the spirit of adventure come together for six days. From the video and the photos, we’d agree.

WARN ADVENTURE winch challenge

The event is open to novices and professionals and consists of a driver and co-driver, and each vehicle must be equipped with a WARN winch. There are a variety of obstacles and challenges throughout the event. Each challenge tests the competency of both driver and co-driver. From physical tests to driving prowess—this event isn’t for the timid. Keeping calm and focused is a key to success, and teamwork is critical.

There are six stages and daily challenges. Participants are required to have a 4×4 vehicle, a WARN winch, winching gloves, winch line damper, a recovery strap, an air compressor, sand ladders, and a GPS.

If this sounds like your kind of fun, you can keep up with the event on the WARN Adventure Facebook Page.



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