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What Accessories to Have on the Trail


WARN Medium Duty Accessory Kit

I recently taught a winching class to a local 4WD club here in Oregon, and we had some great questions. I had laid out the contents of our Medium Duty Accessory Kit to show the group, and we had a lot of interest in what accessories you should take out with you when venturing off the pavement.

WARN Light Duty Accessory Kit

When I hit the trails, I always bring a WARN accessory kit with me. We make them for trucks/SUVs as well as powersports vehicles. They have the tools you’ll need to really get the most out of your winch and lead to a successful recovery. WARN Winching Accessory Kits include two WARN shackles, a recovery strap, a tree trunk protector, a snatch block, WARN winching gloves, and a bag to carry it all. It’s essentially all of your basic rigging needs in one kit.

If you already have some of these items and don’t need the full kit, you can buy parts individually, too.

WARN Epic Snatch Block, Shackle, and Tree Trunk Protector

And if you wanted to go with the latest and greatest WARN accessories, we offer our premium Epic Shackles, Snatch Block, and Tree Trunk Protector, which are all sold separately. (In addition, we offer an Epic Winch Hook, too.) They feature a protective e-coating that helps guard against wear and corrosion, and they have a more styled look to accent your vehicle, too. And yes, we offer both truck and powersports versions.

Regardless if you go with the accessory kit, the individual accessories, or products from our Epic line, having the right accessories can be the key to a timely, successful recovery. And certain accessories, such as the tree trunk protectors, help to save trees and protect the environment. In fact, it could be argued that all of these can help you tread lightly and not damage the trails if and when you get stuck.

So before you head out on the trail, be sure you have the right equipment so you can go prepared.

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