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The WARN Drill Winch: Versatile, Portable, and Powered by Your Electric Drill

Drill Winch Action 007

Here’s something new. A lightweight, hand-held winch with a 500 lb. capacity, 30 ft.of durable wire rope, and a freespooling clutch … powered by your drill.

WARN’s newest portable winch, the Drill Winch, is all of those things in a super-portable package. It’s great for loading trailers, moving heavy objects around the shop, skidding logs, and about 100 other things. Thanks to the anchor hook, integrated hawse fairlead, and easy-to-use clutch cable, you’ll find all sorts of things to use the Drill Winch for. Still looking for ideas? Have a look at this video.

Affordable and versatile, the Drill Winch can be brought with you anywhere you can take your drill. Take it hunting to recover game. Take it to the racetrack and load your trailer. Take it to the back 40 and pull logs out of the way.

Drill Winch Action 025

So what can Drill Winch do for you?


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