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Warn Industries Community Impact Project Makes a Difference in Local Community

CommunityImpactLogoWarn Industries employees strive to be the best at work and in the community by making a difference with the WARN Employee Community Impact Project (WECIP). WARN team members have a long tradition of sponsoring food drives, charitable events and volunteering to help the local community. In 2002 that generosity evolved into the formalized giving program called WECIP, which now assists a number of local organizations, including the Children’s Center, The Annie Ross House and the Clackamas Service Center, in the Milwaukie and Clackamas Oregon areas.


pinwheels warn communityChildren’s Center is a child abuse intervention center where healing beings for children of all ages. Sexual abuse, physical abuse or intervention from drugs, Children’s Center is there for help. WARN employees have been their partners from the very beginning.   WARN has been part of many programs including sponsoring the child abuse awareness campaign paying for pinwheels. Pinwheels are the symbol of child abuse prevention, and WARN employees assemble them as part of the program. annie ross house“Having WARN as a partner really allows us to make game changing changes for these children and get their lives and their families lives on a different trajectory,” said Barbara Peschiera, Executive Director.

The Annie Ross House is a program dedicated to Northwest Housing Alternatives, helping people overcome homelessness in Clackamas County. Established 33 years ago, the Annie Ross House is creating opportunity through housing. Having a annie ross house peopleplace to call home is foundational and most who are homeless are families with kids. “We had a very old playground made of plywood so we worked with WARN, Clackamas County, and some other funders, to put together the money for new play equipment. Bright, shiny, safe and clean,“ said Martha McLennan, Executive Director. “WARN is a great partner. The commitment of the employees and the passion that the individual employees bring to the partnership is fabulous.”

Christmas is always a great time of year around the two Oregon WARN facilities. “At Christmas time it’s a big deal to know that WARN is going to bring the big WARN truck and trailer. They come with these big boxes of gifts, food and sometimes bikes, it’s precious,” said Angela Trimble, MSW Director of Homeless Intervention Services.

Service Center warn employeesThe Clackamas Service Center helps homeless and low-income individuals and families live a healthy life. Established in 1971, the center primarily focuses around food, providing hot meals six days a week and providing food boxes. “WARN has had a huge impact on our kitchen with the purchase of a refrigerator and helping with the remodeling. We produce over 4,000 meals per month, so to have a better facility to help our volunteers is a really big deal,” said Debra Mason, MS Executive Director. “WARN has been a vital part of our success, and being that it comes from the employees is really special.”

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About Warn Industries

Established in 1948 and headquartered in Clackamas Oregon, Warn Industries is the leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing reliable, high-performance winches, locking hubs and a full line of off-road equipment and accessories for trucks, Jeeps, SUVs and powersports vehicles. It is a company dedicated to engineering and producing products that their customers can trust. Warn Industries has employees in and around Portland, OR, Livonia, MI, and the Netherlands.


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