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WARN at Jeep Beach

warn jeep beach 1Our long-time WARN distributor Jeepers Den and local sales representative Corby Phillips has been representing WARN at Jeep Beach for years, but it was time for our events team to head to Florida and see what was happening in the sand.  What we found were Jeep enthusiasts from all over the South and East.

warn jeep beach 1Jeep Beach is a week long event composed of multiple social activities from baseball games, to dinners, downtown street experiences and concerts in the evenings.  During the day there are beach activities and then the main show is on Friday and Saturday at the Daytona International Speedway.  WARN had a booth showing off all the winch, light, accessories and bumper products available.  Clemson 4 Wheel Center brought their Jeep down to put on display.

warn jeep beach 1One thing Jeep Beach is not, is a hardcore wheeling environment.  We are ok with that!  From the booth our team had a perfect view of the obstacle course where folks would take their rigs out and test them.  There were three courses set from simple flex movements to a much more extreme rock crawling section.  It was worth doing it just to say you wheeled the infield of the Daytona International Speedway!  Of course, we joined the doorless crowd and took the WARN equipt Jeep for a cruise up and down Daytona Beach!

warn jeep beach 1And, as you know, we like to participate in giveaways!  All of the raffle money that are associated with Jeep Beach go towards non-profit organizations – two of the largest being the Boys and Girls Club and  Blue Ribbon Coalition.  WARN was honored to support these causes with products including a Zeon10s, Medium Duty Accessory Kits, Cordless Pullzall and 2 Drill Winches!!

The event wrapped up with a Guinness Book of World Records attempt for the Longest Jeep Parade, which was missed by just a couple hundred Jeeps.  2008 Jeeps lined up and circled the Daytona International Speedway – yes! We drove on the track.  Don’t miss your opportunity next year!



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