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Moab Offers Sun, Rocks and Winches

warn strike ravine warnMoab Utah is beautiful.  The sky is blue, the trees are green and the rocks are red.  Well, generally they are red, there are multiple colors and types of rocks depending on the region that you are wheeling in.  We aren’t necessarily picky about what trail we are on, as long as we are able to enjoy them with our friends of WARN.


warn skyjacker moab strike ravineSunday of Easter Jeep Safari week was the first day that we get to put our Jeep and Brute on the trails with friends.  This year we traversed Strike Ravine with a group of over 40 rigs.  The trail starts as a dirt road and continually increases in difficulty as you wind your way through AreaBFE and into the final loop that takes you by a old mining shaft and up the hill to the AreaBFE staging area.

WARN partnered with ARB 4×4 Accessories and Skyjacker Suspension on the run.  Media folks from all styles of magazines and online outlets were invited.  Also on the trail ride were WARN Sponsored Jessi Combs and the Campbell Racing family, Shannon, Tammy and Wayland.


warn arb strike ravine moabWe wrapped up the day at AreaBFE with ice cream compliments of the ARB Freezer and a group shot that took the widest lens we could find to get everyone in.  Another great day on the trails!





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