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Social Media Pays to Play in Moab

We have a lot of fun on our Social Media channels, especially Facebook.  We are always

WARN Brenda Patrick
Brenda Patrick

asking for you to participate and engage with your vehicles and experiences.  We want to see your pictures.

A couple weeks before the 50th Moab Easter Jeep Safari experience we asked you to post a selfie of you with your WARN winch for the opportunity to join us on a Monday trail ride.  The perfect handful of folks posted their awesome selfies, and we had a crew of people ready to take on the challenge.

WATCH FULL VIDEO:   YouTube  or Facebook

Monday morning came fast for a few folks.  Including one of the winners Rachle Engle who had entered, but hadn’t planned on truly coming to Moab.  After she got the message on Thursday night that she was invited, she

warn Rachle Engle
Rachle Engle

made a quick round of arrangements and drove straight through from Ohio arriving at 1:30am Monday morning.  “It was a great day to be able to hang out with the WARN crew and Jessi, it was awesome.  I can’t believe that I am here right now.”  Her epic trip continued for an entire week.

We started the day with a group meeting introducing everyone including special guests TV Personality Jessi Combs and Campbell Racing Wayland Campbell.  The road to the Kane Creek trail head is every bit as amazing as the trail itself, winding alongside the Colorado WARN Trail runRiver.  Kane Creek is a Level 6 rated trail that has a couple difficult spots, but nothing too challenging to our group of very capable rigs.  The 20 miles of off-road terrain consisted of a dirt road that winds through the canyon eventually crossing the creek over 50 times.  There are a couple of rock obstacles that aren’t too bad, but the final uphill obstacle out of the canyon can be a little bit of a challenge, although nothing that can’t be climbed by 35″ tires and a rear locker engaged.


We had a couple challenges throughout the day that required us to pull out the WARN winch and utilize the strength for a quick recovery.  The Zeon Platinum Remote Winch came in especially helpful in one of the situations.  Being able to walk around with the winch gave the team added leverage on helping the vehicle.

No breaks, no extreme challenges, just a great day on the trail with a group of experienced and personable wheelers.  We came out the far end of Kane Creek and finished up with a quick chat and Thank you’s where we all agreed that they were the best group on the trails to date!



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