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Easter Jeep Safari Fun and Work Combined

WARN Moab 2015One of the most enjoyable weeks of our work year is Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT. We replaced our desks at the office for steering wheels and winch remotes on the trails. We spent quality time with our customers and friends of the brand on the trails. We handed out fliers that our marketing team had worked diligently to make perfect. We showed off the new ZEON Platinum winch, the new Ford Super Duty Series hubs, LED lights and new Spydura Winch Rope, all a combined effort from the entire team at WARN. It’s work with a twist.

WARN Moab 2015 After the long drive from Oregon, we always kick off the week on Sunday with the WARN media run, this year combined with ARB 4×4 Accessories. Media from across the off-road community joined us on the Moab Rim Trail along with friends of the brand including 2 time King of the Hammers winner and WARN sponsored Shannon Campbell. A favorite for many, and a little scary for some, the trail leads up the eastern wall of the Colorado River and comes up on top of the rim where you can look down on Moab.   A great day for all involved, and yes, even a little winching!

WARN Moab 2015We tried something new on Monday. Instead of going on a trail with our social media friends, we invited them to AreaBFE to be our guests at The Rock 2015 event. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet many new enthusiasts and then jump into a jeep and wheel with them on the trails.   Our group of WARN Equipped vehicles left the staging area last, and within a mile we were able to pull some winch cable for a JK that had taken on a bit of a harder trail than they were rated for. We got them out of the situation, and then welcomed them into our group for the day.

WARN Moab 2015Wednesday we loaded up and joined some friends on the Behind the Rocks trail. The statement “Never a Dull Moment” stood firm on this run. Of course we had to get the winch remote out a couple times to help complete our day. No, we don’t always have to winch. Yes, sometimes we put ourselves into a position to where we have to winch on purpose. Why, you ask? There may be folks with us that have never seen a winch in action, so we give them an opportunity to conveniently learn proper techniques and capabilities. Plus we think it is fun and there are always a lot of cameras around!

WARN Moab 2015Thursday and Friday, we traded in our trail rated clothes for our comfy booth shoes. We appreciate everyone that takes time to stop by the booth to ask questions, provide feedback, relay great stories or just say hello and continue our friendships.

There is no doubt that the week is a lot of work. But, we will also admit that every day at work is fun for us. Thank you for continuing to support the WARN quality.


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