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ZEON Platinum Winches Makes Self-Recovery Easier

The ZEON Platinum in action.
The ZEON Platinum in action.

By Steve Schoenfelder
WARN Industries

In November, WARN Industries launched the latest addition to the Ultimate Performance Series, the ZEON Platinum winches.  It was a huge hit at the 2014 SEMA Show. This winch has features like no other out there; auto clutch, Advanced Wireless Remote control, superior sealing, high speed motor and a stronger gear train.
So what does all of this mean to us off-roaders?

How many times have you rigged your winch line for a pull, got into your truck, hit the power-in button, you hear the winch run, but it’s not pulling. You forgot to engage the clutch! Now you have to get out of your rig, slog through the mud or deep snow, and engage the clutch.

Never again with the ZEON Platinum. With your Advanced Wireless Remote, at the press of a button you can put the winch into freespool, rig your winch line for the pull, and then, again using your Advanced Wireless Remote, ENGAGE the CLUTCH! No more tangled remote cords either.

Advance Wireless Remote
The WARN Advance Wireless Remote

For you Bull Bar guys that need two wrists to reach the clutch lever on your winch, or can’t reach it at all, the ZEON Platinum is the solution. Using your Advance Wireless Remote,  your winch is in freespool, or engaged whenever you need it, at the push of a button.

How many of you have installed auxiliary lights onto your 4×4? In 10 minutes the lights are bolted up. Then it takes the remainder of the day to run wires, and mount the relay and switch. Ugh! With the ZEON Platinum you can control up to two accessories (like two pairs of auxiliary lights) with its Advance Wireless Remote. So, you can bolt your lights on, and – within minutes – have them wired up to the winch’s control module using the optional Auxiliary Adapter Kits we offer.

ZEON Platinum Back
The back of the ZEON Platinum

Other cool features that most users may not totally understand but will find useful:

Winch Motor Temperature Monitor: You have two options, you can set the Advanced Wireless Remote to monitor the temperature as you are winching so you don’t over-heat the motor (really important on long heavy pulls). You can also set the controller to shut off the Power-In function when the motor gets hot, as a no-brainer failsafe, (which can be handy if you loan your rig to your brother-in-law).

Vehicle Battery Voltage Level: The Advanced Wireless Remote screen shows you the charge level of your battery. If it starts to get too low, you’ll know before it’s too late. By the way, factory batteries that are three to five years old are suspect for needing replacement. I would have it checked if yours is this old. An old battery will start your engine fine, but may not operate your winch efficiently. WARN recommends a 650cca battery for winching, I have an 850cca battery in my rig.

Superior Sealing: IP-68 Sealing. We use double lip seals at the winch drum, and the overall design of the winch contributes to achieving the IP-68 rating. Breaking down the IP-68, IP stands for “Ingress Protection.” The 6 indicates “Dust Tight,” and the 8 stands for “Immersion beyond 1 meter.”

High Speed Motor: This increases no load line speed by 20% over the other ZEON winches. This gets the rope back onto the drum faster, so you can get back on the trail.

Stronger Gear Train: To go along with the High Speed Motor, and to make this winch the best of the best, we use chrome-moly steel gears for reliability.

ZEON platinum Control Pack Relocation Kit
ZEON platinum Control Pack Relocation Kit

Convertible Control Pack: One winch part number, but many versatile mounting options. The convertible control pack allows you to remove the control pack and mount it remotely with our optional Relocation Kits for Bull Bar Mounts, Hidden Kit mounts or mounts where space is limited to mount the winch.

Enhanced Signal Kit: This kit can be added to the ZEON Platinum when you think there is a chance the winch will need to be used when the control pack is submerged. Radio frequencies will not work under water.

I was there when we did the first ZEON-8 pull tests in the field, and we were all impressed. The winch dragged the WARN 4-door JK around with no problem. The ZEON’S aluminum housing surprised us by absorbing heat from the motor and acting like a heat sink, we knew real quick this will enhance the winch’s duty cycle.

The ZEON Platinum winches just started shipping, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one and put it through its paces. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say about it then.

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