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WARN Winch is a Must at King of the Hammers

WARN 2014 King of the Hammers wmThe first element that comes to mind when thinking King of the Hammers is rocks, and lots of them. Located in Johnson Valley, with some of the hardest rock trails in California and arguably in the U.S., it properly sets the scene for the hardest one day race in the U.S. Trails, including Backdoor, Sledgehammer, Resolution and Spooners Canyon, are just a few known for needing a winch. Making WARN Winch the Official Winch of King of the Hammers is undoubtedly a natural step for the company associated with toughness and unstoppable products.

king of the hammers 2014Warn Industries supports multiple racers, with over half the vehicles proudly displaying the WARN Red on their car. WARN’s support trailer will also be on hand to help racers with any of their last minute needs, and also supply contingency stickers so the top 3 finishers in each race are rewarded with cold hard cash!

Two of the top contending racers are WARN sponsored drivers: 2-time King of the Hammers winner Shannon Campbell and 2014 Spec Class winner and series champion Jessi Combs. We checked in with both as they were just days away from getting to the Johnson Valley lakebed:

WARN 2014 King of the Hammers shannon campbell wmShannon Campbell, Qualifying for Starting Position during Wednesday’s Power Hour:

Q: What is one of the biggest drawbacks to racing a single seat car?
A: There are a few challenges that I have being in the car by myself. By far one of the biggest challenges is when I have to winch. I have to get out of the car, pull the rope, engage the winch, get back in the car, assist going up the climb, and then get back out to recoil the winch cable. Having shannon campbell king of the hammers warnthe WARN 8274 Custom winch allows me to pull faster and help make up for some of the time that I spend running back and forth and getting in and out of the car.

Q: What did you winch at last years King of the Hammers?
A: Last year I decided to go to Backdoor on the first lap and pulled the winch immediately. It was a planned winch point.

2013 WARN Shannon Campbell wmQ: What are your thoughts about this year?
A: We will have to see what the course actually is, but I probably won’t go with Backdoor and winching on the first lap this year, and I hope I don’t have to winch anywhere else. That is always my goal! Knowing I have the best is what I want, having to use it is what I try to avoid.

Q: Wayland and Bailey are running the new ZEON Platinum winch? What do you think about them?
A: Yes, both of their cars have the new ZEON Platinum winch with the electronic locking and remote. They were playing with them last night getting used to how the new remote works and they really like them! It will be a lot easier on the spotter to not have to come back to the car to engage the winch. Should save them a lot of time if they do get into the position to winch.

Jessi Combs warn king of the hammers wmJessi Combs, Pole Position of Everyman Challenge Spec Class Race

Q: You won last year’s Everyman Challenge Race?
A: YES! It was an amazing day. We fought the challenges and I came out as the first girl to win a King of the Hammers event, so I pretty much picked up the title: Queen of the Hammers.

Jessi Combs Bower Media king of the hammers copyQ: Did you end up having to use your WARN ZEON winch?
A: Yes, yes we did. Luckily only once! But of course, it works perfectly and there was no stress. That is the beauty of WARN.

Q: With your show The List, you have had many opportunities, what makes King of the Hammers unique to you?
A: King of the Hammers is the only race that you truly have to rely on your equipment, and more specifically your winch. You can get into knarly situations quickly, get stuck in huge holes or in a weird situation and literally it is only the WARN winch that can get you out of that situation. I know that if I do get stuck, I’m going to be able to winch myself out. I wouldn’t use anything other than a WARN.

 Be sure to visit us at the WARN Trailer! (Boxed in Red on Map Below)

Hammertown 20215 WARN
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king of the hammers 2015

Follow WARN’s Facebook Page for Behind the Scenes Coverage at

Live Coverage will be available at

Sunday February 1st: 7:45 AM KLiM King of The Motos Presented by Trail Tech

Monday February 2nd: 5:45PM Vision X  SRRS vs. ULTRA4 Shootout Presented by Sway-A-Way

Tuesday February 3rd: 7:45AM  Qualifying coverage will be available all day. Happy Hour will be at 4PM with the biggest names competing.

Wednesday February 4th: 7:45AM Polaris RZR KOH UTV Race presented by HCR.  Qualifying coverage will begin at noon. Happy Hour will be at 4PM with the biggest names competing.

Thursday February 5th: 7:45AM Smittybilt Every Man Challenge, including Spec and Legends Classes!

Friday February 8th: 7:30 AM  2014 Nitto King of The Hammers Presented by 4 Wheel Parts


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