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WARN-equipped Range Rover Hybrids Take on Silk Trail Expedition

by Andy Lilienthal

range_rover_hybrid_expeditionRecently, Range Rover set out on an expedition along the famous Silk Trail as a final engineering sign-off test for the Range Rover Diesel Hybrid. (Talk about field testing!) The expedition used three diesel hybrid prototypes and covered 10,472 miles along the Silk Road from Range Rover’s home in Solihull, UK to Mumbai India.

The journey took 53 days and crossed 13 countries and two continents. The group encountered a wide array of weather types, and they traveled across elevations of up to 17,648 ft. The terrain varied vastly from paved city roads, to off-road treks. In addition, these were the first foreign-registered vehicles to drive China’s Xinjian-Tibet highway.

By the way, each of these hybrids were also equipped with a WARN 9.5xp-s winch in case things got dicey. It’s great to see that the hybrid technology can work with the WARN winches. But these aren’t the first hybrids that have had a WARN winch, as we fit up a Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid with a WARN winch a couple years ago.

Below is a beautify filmed video of the Range Rover Hybrid expedition. If this doesn’t make you want to get out there and explore, I don’t know what would.



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